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"Anaklusmos Rotatory Enamel Pin" process. The idea was to create a "Percy Jackson and The Olympians" pin inspired by the transformation of the protagonist sword.

"Freya's House Enamel Pin" process. I created a "Sylvanian Families" inspired pin, based on the basic house, where the door opens to reveal Freya Chocolate (the biggest symbol of the brand).

bolsa casa da freya.png

"Fremas House Shoulder Bag" process. Here I imagined if the "Sylvanian Families" house could turn into a bag, and gave it a space to carry the toy around.

"Zelda's Glowing Pin" process. Thought about a pin "Legend of Zelda" inspired. With the Fairy and flower from the game glowing in the dark. Just like they are in game.

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